Lucy in the sky with diamonds…

12 comments on “Lucy in the sky with diamonds…”

  1. Wow, sweet abstract. I love those blues and whites.

  2. i read that lucy in the sky with diamonds was code for LSD.but then, people see anything in anything and everything.mostly, people see what they want to see. who needs LSD?

  3. LOL at Seraphine. HA! Well, I'll be!!

  4. awesome blue, brilliant shot

  5. That snow effect on your last posts is lovely like a XMas feel, in advance, i can hear the music of Winter & fairy-tale too !

  6. Magical abstract. It looks like it's snowing..but it's not – is it??

  7. Photographs, drugs & rock'n'roll. The trips you put me on are incredible. They blow my mind, You are my drug, sweetheart. you are my blue & white. What an amazing piece of art, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  8. awesome abstract! it looks like clouds & stars on a dark night! 🙂

  9. outstanding colors and beauty!

  10. Looks like people are naming photos after Beatles songs here lately. I will have to look for one in my stash. Cool Shot!

  11. LSD, huh? 🙂 if not diamonds, maybe dandruff. cool!

  12. Wow its like staring into the endless night sky!!

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