Look at that Tummy

9 comments on “Look at that Tummy”

  1. i want a soft and cuddly stuffed dog like that.

  2. So cute, nice sleeping position!

  3. Very cute!!! Great processing!

  4. I love when they roll over and sleep on their backs..with their feet suspended in air. Nice!

  5. Awwwww what a cutie he is, I just wanna rub that tummy. Great shot and pp as always.P.S. I like to keep my texture's colour unaltered, I'm a purist manipulator 😉

  6. just baring it all for the world to see. I like the color toning.

  7. proves to show how cuddly he is.. 🙂 nice catch!

  8. Oh really like a fluffy toy – excellent crop !

  9. The pose is just one of a kind, sweetheart. And I'm always amazed how you manage to capture all these great poses. No one makes them look like you do. Most excellent, Elaine. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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