Smoke if ya got ’em

12 comments on “Smoke if ya got ’em”

  1. I got 'em & I smoke 'em. Amazing composition, my dear. What a great portrait … muted colours & adorable hands. Your processing makes this beauty a new favourite to me. Love it! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  2. What a wonderful…honest portrait. Would be perfect in an anti-smoking ad campaign..dontcha think?

  3. A portrait with a lot of strength and impact. I really like it elaine ! Bravooo

  4. That cigarette looks so good and tasty! The Wife and I quit smoking about 1 week and five days ago. Cold Turkey!! Your not helping any. 🙂

  5. very particular closeup, great details

  6. really nice. I like the focus on the hands.

  7. An exceptional portrait, Elaine.

  8. This is really expressive and creates much of a story here…nice work!!!!!


  10. now that is some fine portrait shot you got there.. excellent work! 🙂

  11. Great portrait, a little bit moody with the color scheme and the cigarette. Are those even still legal?

  12. A very nice portrait, like the color , looks like a vintage old photo.

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