8 comments on “Awakenings”

  1. And yet another exceptional portrait, Elaine. I really like the rich colors in the background. Hubby's very photogenic.

  2. Little eyes but already smiling, this is a present he offers you !

  3. Nice portrait! A little sleepy..but awake just enough!

  4. interesting soft shade, cool portrait

  5. A very nice portrait !

  6. I think I see just the faintest of smiles–and a look of great tolerance for you as you take his photo. 🙂

  7. This photo is missing something. Please Photoshop in a dog as soon as possible! Kidding. I like this environmental portrait, the saturated greens behind the subject contrast well with his skin tone. Also, the high key lighting on the subject makes him stand out.

  8. "The sun came up with no conclusions / Flowers sleepin' in their beds / The city cemetary's hummin' / I'm wide awake, its mornin'!" (Bright Eyes)Blurry background but your sharpness cuts like a knife. One of a kind portrait, Elaine. Your greens & blues hypnotize me. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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