With Texture…

13 comments on “With Texture…”

  1. Such a genuine smile. Nice and subtle.

  2. Scratchy scratchy! Very nice effect. I need to do more with textures.

  3. Another fine portrait! Very natural.

  4. Really well done! Cool processing!

  5. It's like we're looking at him through a broken window. Interesting effect.

  6. There's nothing quite like a textured husband. I like his smile!

  7. j'aime bien le travail sur la couleur pour obtenir un nouveau mari

  8. With text & texture, he remains The One ! Great job (he can see how young he looks without the wrinkles of Photoshop ;))

  9. Another wonderful portrait. Love the expressions you're capturing.

  10. Really nice portrait and a good use of textures!

  11. very cool, the texture really enhances the portrait.

  12. Nice treatment and sweet expression… beautiful portrait, Elaine 😉

  13. If anyone in the world is allowed to use textures it's you, baby. You do not only take these breathtaking photographs but you compose them in a one of a kind way. You are the queen of textures. My queen of textures. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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