Kitten Yawn

13 comments on “Kitten Yawn”

  1. (Smiles going on here!) This is cute…and she's a doll.

  2. He's hilarious, love the red tongue & i yawn back to you kitty !

  3. This is great!! Gotta love that little tongue. And – its eyes. Simply gorgeous!!!

  4. Fantastic capture… the best cat picture I saw in a while !

  5. fantastic framing, colors and processing

  6. Halloween Cat..for sure! LOL! Great shot!

  7. Very cute – made me yawn! I like how it looks like a painting. Great framing and processing – this is a wall-hanger.

  8. Love the dark contrast and tones in this shot Elaine really makes the cat look great. Excellent image!

  9. Love those green eyes and that red tongue. Nice shot. Roman says: Awesum kitteh! KTHXBAI!!11!

  10. yikes. that looks like flypaper in kitty's mouth.

  11. Great shot Elaine, excellent colors and processing. Very cute kitty u have there 🙂

  12. This is too cute! Looks like she's talking:-)

  13. Nice shot there Elaine, I just posted a photo of a bengal cat.

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