Railway X

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  1. i've gotten so far behind reading your blog, elaine! i miss you.i wish we'd build more railroads in north america. not only wouldit help the environment, i could read or do something constructivelike look out the window.

  2. aww. i hate allergies. i take allergy medicine. you can't live in northern california and not have allergies, i think. i'm sorry you have to give up audrey. i know you'll find a nice home for her. i'd cry too if it happened to me.

  3. Love the colors, great atmosphere and mood!

  4. Favourite, favourite, favourite. You are as magic as your compositions, my dear. I truly love this minimalistic pearl. Great, Elaine, just great! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. looks like a natural pentagram

  6. Great shapes and lines in this one. Love the colors..and that it creates an almost-abstract image!!

  7. Wish I was on a train heading some where fun. Heading into the gray days of winter before two long.

  8. Highly graphic and the texture is fantastic, I just love the blue you get in your images and I just don't seem to get it right!

  9. the processing really enhances the mood. very nice.

  10. nices lines shown here. looks like a long day coming home from work =)

  11. Beautiful sky. All those straight lines with just a couple curves!

  12. Love the power lines. They come out of the corner perfectly in my opinion.

  13. a great processing and nice compo with these lines on the sky going in the same direction.

  14. Really like the power lines against the blue/green sky! Excellent processing as well.

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