It’s Skeery out there…

take your flash lights with you trick or treating, coz you never knooooow what’s out there…

12 comments on “It’s Skeery out there…”

  1. we didn't get many trick-or-treaters this year. i might have to take some of them from last year out of the freezer.

  2. So very true, Elaine. It's a big, bad world out there. BOOOOOOOOOOO!After reading Sera's comment, I was reminded of where we lived in the woods in Atlanta. There was a long, winding drive down a hill to our house and we never got trick-or-treaters. I think they were scared half to death…and no one dared anyone to go down. 😀

  3. that does look spooky indeed, hope your had a great Halloween!

  4. Excellent processing, the whole scene seems haunted and makes me think of a David Lynch movie where something bad is about to happen.

  5. Nice work, Elaine, and spooking enough–but I know what's out there. Ghosts that have been taking naps on French Fries, of course. 😉

  6. It blows me away the way you light upt hte roads I'm walking. And if you're the one to take me on a spooky ride I will happily follow. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. Wonderful mood!! Very scarey…for sure!!!

  8. Very nice, bonne journée…

  9. Very nice picture… and what a site! I love your work. The graphics are very successful…

  10. the last 4 images that I didn't see and GREAT – excellent work my friend

  11. definitely a Halloween mood in this. cool atmosphere.

  12. this looks like a scene from a horror movie.. freaky colors.. 😀

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