You can check out anytime you like…

…but you can never leave…

13 comments on “You can check out anytime you like…”

  1. Interesting juxtaposition. And I like the vignette.

  2. you never see signs that say 'please wait to leave.' most restaurants want you to leave as soon as possible. restaurants like "turn-over" because they can seat more "guests." so when a restaurant is being really nice and not making me feel rushed, i leave a nice tip. most people 'eat and run' and forget to sit a while and enjoy coffee, conversation and perhaps even dessert.

  3. i never ordered the vignette, SD. you put that on the salad, right?

  4. Interesting point from Sera. I agree…sometimes we just need to take time in such wonderful settings, especially when it involves eating and we're spending good money for it. I think the French and Europeans in general know how to do this. We the customers are the ones who determine when we're ready to leave, not the waiters/waitresses. Good one, Elaine.

  5. I paid a fortune for an Italian meal at the weekend and I couldn't wait to leave, it was awful! Anyhoo, I like this and the textures with the notes, it's a cool idea and wish I'd had it first ;O)

  6. romantic composition

  7. Timeless and fun!! Love the textured writing overlay. You've created musical romance out of an ordinary sign!!!

  8. My girl … I don't wanna leave. You tied me up, now you can't get rid of me. This is damn brilliant, Elaine! So brilliant! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  9. I really like this composite. Very interesting result.

  10. Really like this one! Nice work.

  11. fantastic picture and the climate. Have a nice day *_*

  12. Superb this creation

  13. I love how your mind works:)) Cool image!

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