Another Picture of my Cat

12 comments on “Another Picture of my Cat”

  1. Nice! I like this a lot. Aubrey is being the angel.

  2. Colors and light in this are stunning! What a sweetie…

  3. I told you – you must speek catish – excellent catch and great lighting

  4. fantastic photo. great portrait of a cat, fantastic colors.

  5. He seems to have found the good place and make you sheep’s eyes… Is his charm going to walk ? Yes I think… 😉 Nice Elaine !!!

  6. Beautiful kitten Elaine….even if i’m a dog person….i love her hat….as for your photo and the soft treatment…well just WOW!!….good stuff ….peter:)

  7. very cool cat !!! love the colors

  8. A beautiful portrait – says so much to any cat-lover.

  9. you a cat lover, seems you are by your comments… i was a dog person for some 20 years because i developed an allergy to cats, now i have a cat and antihistamines 🙂 everybody is happy

  10. cute.. 🙂 looks like she’s planning to jump you.. 🙂

  11. Love how you framed this, between the flowers and the books.

  12. Aww so cute! I like how she is hiding under the flowers peaking out!

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