Little Goth Chick

10 comments on “Little Goth Chick”

  1. sweet!

  2. Definitely the cutest and sweetest goth I’ve ever seen!

  3. You manage to capture so much in these passing moments . . and those boots are not easily forgotten !

  4. I like the atmosphere here

  5. the light is really nice here. cool!

  6. Cool capture and processing, nice boots.

  7. Lol at your title! you’re a hoot, elaine. love this!

  8. wow.. yeah, that’s probably the youngest goth chick i’ve seen yet.. 😀

  9. For a Goth kid she looks much to sweet Elaine…. she just borrowed her sister’s clothes and pinned them in or up…whatever….great catch ….i also love the boots….keep em laughing girl….peter:)

  10. lovely Bokeh!!

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