Don’t Fence Me In

9 comments on “Don’t Fence Me In”

  1. The colors and burnt edges give the effect of an old forgotten photo that has been found after many years of hiding.I’m not sure if the trees are fenced in or out, either. 🙂 PS: I like your new format.

  2. Nice. For a second I was concerned there wouldn’t be a power line, but then I found it. I like the contrast between the fence and the wide open space past it.

  3. comme dans un mauvais rêve; superbe !

  4. And if I’ll ever be fenced in you will come & free me. Right? What a dark & rough beauty, my dear. I would go back to colour if I could do it so masterly like you do. You free my mind, you make me happy with these beauties of yours & these great new theme, Elaine.All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

  5. The processing in this one gives it an other-worldly..ethereal feel. Well done!

  6. Like the new logo, but miss the old format… the crane in the background looks like a hangman’s gallows 😀

  7. Electrical Elaine from you:)))Great treatment – as usual, my friend …

  8. really like the processing, helps to create a real mood.

  9. i love the faux-cloud puffiness you’ve added to the sky. it reminds me of daydreaming. i know the art of meditation requires one to clear the mind (“think of an empty blackboard”) but those little popcorn thoughts keep popping anyway. here’s what i think: thoughts and dreams are under-rated. why be fenced in by nothingness?

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