Pretty Tree

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  1. Your tree just glows! Very pretty, indeed. I like the way the colors play against the background.

  2. c’est le paradis des abeilles !

  3. Pure, unadulterated spring, Elaine!

  4. Yes – a lovely tree! Wonderful how it glows!

  5. bien joué pour cet arbre à lumières

  6. beautiful pink vision.

  7. Stunning tree,I like the vintage look.

  8. Hi Elaine….it it not a pretty tree….it is a lot better than that….i like it …i like it a lot….good composition girl xx oo….peter:)

  9. I really like the way it was catching the light. Good eye to get this on film/sensor. Electric tree.

  10. Groovy tree and processing. This almost seems like infrared.

  11. It’s glowing & it’s beautiful. You colour up my days, shake my imagination. And all it takes is one tree, your great eye & your adorable frames, my dear. That’s why I love you & your gems. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  12. Enjoy the light so much, what a lovely Pink !

  13. i like how it’s naturally lit up.. well done! 🙂

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