my husband has been restoring a bag of nasty watches he found, and his hands hurt from the battery acid

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  1. why can’t i ever find something so cool as a bag of watches? your hubby is a lucky guy.one time i found a wallet with several hundred dollars in it and no id. but pretty soon a guy walked by who was obviously looking for something, so i asked him if he had lost something. he said he had lost his wallet and described it, so i gave it back to him. he said thank you and walked off- without giving me a reward! i could tell though he was relieved. and at least i didn’t have to clean his wallet (or get battery acid burns on my hands).

  2. Nice shot of what must be delicate, tedious, and, apparently, painful work.

  3. And did he managed to turn a bag of nasty watches into something working & beautiful? I’m sure he did. As well as this photograph is damn beautiful, sweetheart. Close, rough & one of a kind! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. Love that you’re telling a story here. Such an interesting detail!

  5. He seems very concentrated indeed… Very lovely portrait… I like !!! 🙂

  6. Sounds painful. I never find anything cool like that either. The close up framing works very well.

  7. well, that’s dedication for you.. 🙂

  8. You can hit your stalker with that bag of watches. This is the most I’ve seen your husband do, haha. Apparently when he does something, he has an incredible aptitude for concentration. This is a very good shot.

  9. But look at just how dedicated he is to his work Elaine:)….great capture:)….peter:)

  10. okay, so i find another one. was i sleeping or something? 🙂

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