what can i say, i love power lines

9 thoughts on “I Got Da Powah

  1. Hey Elaine….you sure are high on powah tonight!!!! this is a great composition and your treatment although fantastic!!!…. is driving me nuts trying to read some of your background lol….. i was able to read…RETAKE THE FUTURE AND FLY !!!! just how close was i lol….peter:)

  2. Wonderfully gritty : can feel the pulsing power running thru this outrageous piece of construction. I look up at these things and feel ‘there must be a better way’ !

  3. You sure got da powah! What can I say, I love your power line captures, my dear. They are so one of a kind. They are so hypnotizing. They are so great!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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