Blue Truck

7 comments on “Blue Truck”

  1. Magnificent this new site !!! Congratulations Elaine! I am going to visit at once your new house 😉 Great shot also! ***

  2. Nice light..and color..and sense of motion here.Always – wonderful processing!

  3. Super shot – love the sense of speed and light as the truck flashes past you!

  4. Neat roadie shot here – I like how your processing adds so much intensity to the moment.

  5. an explosion of light, cool!

  6. 80,000 pounds at speed. Big, fast, domineering. I think you captured it all.

  7. I just wanna go back to blue (Lucinda Williams). But only with you. And this great rock ‘n’ roll feel of yours. Brilliant, Elaine!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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