No Paparazzi

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  1. that’s me when someone tries to take my picture. 🙂 cool shot.

  2. Haha, speak to the hand! That is great, and couldn’t convey the emotion better.

  3. Hello Elaine, the theme is called Photoshot, and is really promising but i have real problems with it. It is enough to go and read through the comments of the other ones who bought it. It can only unleash its full potential if you are very good with CSS, PHP and the like. Right now i am only using it as a test…i might go ahead and choose another one.

  4. Hi Elaine!!! i have been out of town for two days fishing then spent two more in bed with a cold….so i have not been around to visit …..sorry.Your no paparazzi lady means business…..but you did catch one eye … a nice dress gold chain and a big hand…’s a fun shot and it is so like you shoot it…..good for you girl…..xxoo….peter:)

  5. Such a rough rock ‘n’ roll beauty. So close, so hidden, so hypnotizing. And girl, your light blows me away. Again & again.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. Awesome shot. Well done.

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