Baby Tummy

12 comments on “Baby Tummy”

  1. The closed eyes says it all! Pure contentment. Paradise.

  2. How sweet! And the large, tender hand communicates the concept of care very well.

  3. How can Life get much better than this ? Sugar sweet.

  4. Such a velvetesque softness, i love the sensation of sweet here, Elaine ! May your week be that sweet*

  5. Life is good! Wonderful capture, Elaine.

  6. so cute n calm

  7. So cute, and happiness is simple! Love it!

  8. What a soft and loving touch that you have captured with your magic lens Elaine :)…. Tummy is a gem!!!….peter:)

  9. what an adorable kitty who certainly seems content. 🙂

  10. Sweettt…! I love it!!!

  11. Too cute! Love the look on her face and the little paws making cure that the tummy rub doesn’t get away.

  12. that’s a cute ‘cat face’ ^.^

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