9 comments on “MiniMall”

  1. I love the skylights, Elaine, but it doesn’t look so mini!

  2. Mini skylights as well – pity there is not more natural light.. The glimpse of sky is a good reason to spend less time in the mall!

  3. Wonderful lines and colors in this.

  4. May still be mini but I suspect its gowning days are over . . surprising how quickly modern buildings get like this.

  5. cool mood and color here.

  6. Love the sky and the light on the roof, cool.

  7. Your minimalism, your sky, your great colours … make me crazy, meake me feel good, make me love your artistry more & more & more, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  8. very intimidating.. but knowing that this is a mall, i’d still venture in.. 😀 nice shot!

  9. really love this!

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