The Pantry

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  1. I don’t know if this restaurant is named “The Pantry”, but I will admit to letting a few chosen such places act as my pantry. While I don’t like to confess this, I do like to admit to liking the colors of your photo. The flare adds a sense of glory to it. 🙂

  2. Looks like a favorite haunt. Hope the food is good. I like the rays of sunshine that appear to be streaming in? Super processing, Elaine.

  3. It looks like a cozy neighborhood joint, Elaine.

  4. well done Elaine great photo!!!… you made the sunrays come in two directions like there is a dome over the tables… did you write the menu board beside the bar… i see two ghosts sitting in your booth a big one and a kid… i love the way that you bend light and all of your treatments…xo….peter:)

  5. where’s the food! 😀

  6. Great shot! Love the light and colors!

  7. I like the red tones and how the light streaks add a nice retro 1950s feel.

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