Sunday Paper

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  1. Nice composition Elaine… could you take the picture from behind him the next time so that we can read it too:)…xoxo….peter:)

  2. Wonderful, colorful, deep and tru, i love the Baby Blue!

  3. This is wonderful.And I am loving the layout of your blog.

  4. Love the dof!

  5. “And I like cream in my coffee / And I like to sleep late on Sunday / And nobody knows me like my baby” (Lyle Lovett)That is my Sunday morning pleasure. And you do really know me, baby. Just like you really know how to take these great photographs. You really do!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. excellent mood, colors and bokeh – great image

  7. Ok, found it (so many stuff under the images i thought it was some of them 😉 I like this one a lot, super angle !

  8. i always looked forward to reading the sunday comics section.. not anymore.. 😐 nice shot!

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