Two Kings

6 comments on “Two Kings”

  1. i like the vignetting … nicely done!

  2. probably the king and his quard – great portrait and lighting – I like his expression – have a nice weekend

  3. Ah, the ruling master. You can decide which one it might be. Great pose and vignette. 🙂

  4. I like this portrait, your husband seems serious, yet relaxed. And the dog adds that extra little bit that puts the image over the top. Nice one!

  5. Like an old dutch masterpainting, Elaine! And just a great. No one does them like you do. That’s amazing. That’s beautiful. And that’s so unique. Love it, sweetheart!All the best 6 safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. they sure are relaxed.. 🙂 nice shot!

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