Street Walk

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  1. Bringing home the groceries and a fellow trying to rush past your camera!!…. it’s a real street scene and well captured Elaine:)… nice treatment…xo. BTW… i went loony today and you missed it….peter:)

  2. great framing colors and vignette

  3. Nice photo!

  4. the processing here makes an ordinary scene, extraordinary

  5. That is super cool processing. It looks like one of the filthy view screens on one of my old cameras.

  6. A page from you street photography adventures. I like the look from the man who is approaching you. Maybe he is a photographer, too, and only shoots flowers, so he is in awe of your audacity. 🙂 The old film/grunge processing adds a different flavor.

  7. Groovy shot, I like the composition and how the people are perfectly placed to add interest to the photograph.

  8. Ordinary, beautiful & street as street can be. Did I already mention how much I love roaming the streets with you, my dear. It so adventurous & I always fall in love with your great light & brilliant perspective. See me down on my knees, begging for more.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  9. nice work shooting from the hip.. ;D

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