8 thoughts on “Parking

  1. i don’t like these new parking meters at all Elaine!!… you park your car… walk 1000 yard to the machine… put in money and guess how much time you need… get a ticket… then walk back 1000 yards to put it inside on the windshield… Duhh!!!… just ranting… glad i got that out!!… have a nice day:) xo….peter:)

  2. Believe me, these are no parking meters. These are big brother’s computers that get everything they want. Hubby must be a very brave man, the modern knight right in the urban jungle fighting digital parking meters.And you, the princess, gave him the blurry look of a prince who came to save you from all the evil of these damn machines. Great, Elaine!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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