The Wall

8 comments on “The Wall”

  1. I love the telephone pole.

  2. Very nice picture!

  3. I like the wall painting and texture and the location for making portraits

  4. don’t mind me, just admiring the wall.. ;D

  5. The vignette really helps create a focal point (for me). The wall is monolithic and I find myself wondering if Giles is merely contemplating it, thinking about tagging it, or is he simply facing it just to give your dog a bit of privacy. The mysteries of life…

  6. Coming from the wall city I know that these walls are just there to remind us at one thing: Tear it down & star a new. A brilliant composition, Elaine. And sure another philosphical gem!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. reading the writing on the wall, huh?

  8. I would like that wall more if some joker hadn’t painted over all the graffiti. Your husband looks supremely bored, I am impressed with his mad boredom skills.

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