8 comments on “House”

  1. it’s a very nice looking house Elaine…. it is the way that houses should be built today… good and solid:)… i like the way that you framed it….peter:)

  2. I really like that warm inviting light coming from the depths of the dark porch. It gives your photo a welcoming feel instead of making it foreboding.

  3. excellent colors – I like the warm light at the door

  4. Very nice photo and colors.

  5. very pretty architecture and i love the colors.

  6. Warm & golden light & a brilliant reflection. Damn, that’s a stunner, Elaine. All in there what goes straight to the heart. Excellent, sweetheart, excellent!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. that warm light on the door is very inviting.. 🙂 nice shot!

  8. Something about this house seems a little off, like mysterious possibly not so good stuff might be going on inside. I think it’s the green tones. Also, sorry to hear you are in a foul mood, but glad you liked the blue sky. I’m sad there were no bricks as well.

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