just discovered the gimp on linux.. picked bad pic, took 3 hours to figure out how to process

9 comments on “Gimp”

  1. Very mellow feel to this. I like it.

  2. i think that it can use a bit more work on it Elaine!!!.. but don’t get mad at me for saying so!!… it looks line one of my thunderstorms:)….xo….peter:)i don’t like linux at all!!!

  3. 3 hours! WOW. Talk abour perseverance. 🙂

  4. So you picked me up right after waking up. Pulled me out of the house & into your car before I had a chance to put on my glasses & drove me to the beauty you discovered. Let’s have some coffee now & please don’t ever go away!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. If I leave my glasses off, everything looks like this photo all the time. That’s also why all my photos look the way they do–I just don’t know any better. Good luck with Gimp.

  6. I found GIMP to be too much of a learning curve.

  7. it’s good once you get the hang of it.. best thing about that is it’s free! 😀

  8. i like this, elaine

  9. My kinda thing totally. Love it.

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