Street View

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  1. I like this very much Elaine… driving down to the water is a real treat!… i get the same feeling every time i come home….peter:)

  2. Like a scene from Bullit.

  3. I like the hi contrast and the colo processing

  4. You have given this photo a film-like quality that I like. I like the sense of adventure on this trip to the water’s edge. I remember times just like this when I was a small boy. Your photo takes me back to some good days. Thank you for the memories…and for your photo.

  5. nice vintage processing, but more importantly, i see the water!! 😀

  6. could they have strung any more wires?:-) seriously though, the wires are a terrific element and i love the tones here.

  7. I like how the wires just add to the stark sense of bleakness.

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