Pink Dress

This was the bottom of a strapless dress in the window of a wedding shop, thought it was pretty 

9 comments on “Pink Dress”

  1. This is a great abstract. A bouquet of billows, swirls, currents and eddies, and pinks. Psychedelia is still alive!

  2. how absolutely gorgeous.

  3. lovely color palette and great composition

  4. Wonderful feel, seems edible pink !

  5. great treatment. excellent crop and lovely colour

  6. I like how this seems like a ghost flower because of the bright whites you pulled out. Nice one.

  7. Maybe I should read the title before commenting next time. However, upon further reflection the original comment stands, as I think it does indeed look quite flower like.

  8. A river of pink rushing over me. Waves of beauty. Just like your great imagery, my dear!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  9. a dress / roses?! wow, this is just gorgeous.. 🙂 great work!

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