House of the Rising Sun

8 comments on “House of the Rising Sun”

  1. Great song… great house… and superb treatment Elaine… i like it… a lot….peter:)

  2. Your version of New Orleans ("There is a house in New Orleans…") looks very French. Oh, wait–never mind. 😉 Flare and glare and you are still getting color!

  3. Isn't the Dark Knight also rising today, Elaine? 😀

  4. Beautiful magic photograph. I am greeting

  5. That can't be because you are my house of the rising sun when we're together in that good old timey bluesy feel, my dear. And looking at each ohthers pictures will make the sun rises every new day!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. I dig how the processing makes this house look so mysterious and even more interesting.

  7. such a pretty house. reminds me of the homes in the neighborhood when i was a child.

  8. this sure is one handsome house.. nice shot! 🙂

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