Dead Dreams where RV dreams come to die… sad isn’t it?

8 comments on “Dead Dreams”

  1. Bleak and brutally depressing. I like this a lot. Nice find, I'm totally jealous that I don't have a photograph of something like this.

  2. it sure is.. but i bet they'll find new owner soon.. 😉

  3. The processing sure suits the subject matter.

  4. Great photo Elaine… but this one is sad!!! … i thought that you only like happy things…. but stuff happens right ?:( …. your title is just perfect…. xo….peter:)

  5. But surely there's a good find in there somewhere for someone, Elaine, right? I guess I'm the eternal optimist.

  6. Sometimes, my dear Elaine, dead dreams can lead to something better. Maybe they also serve to point the direction–guideposts to what we really want and need. Ginnie says she is the eternal optimist–and you know that I'm not, so all of my photo-philosopy here must really be amazing to you. Right? Your story-prompting shot and processing fit very well together. Nice work!

  7. yes, lots of sad sights like this these days. you captured it well.

  8. "Everything dies, baby that's a fact / But maybe everything that dies someday come back" (Bruce Springsteen)And if the dying looks as great as your frame they sure will comew back, my dear!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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