a friend for coffee…

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  1. Another good portrait. The processing is really nice.

  2. very beautiful one side lighting and expression

  3. i like how the slight tilt pose he has, nice capture! 🙂

  4. This is a great portrait Elaine!!! your capture of the light and shadows are great…. how is that new camera doing…. there has been a lot of detail in your recent shots….xo….peter:)

  5. It's so nice that your site remembers my ID info…. i can spend more time praising your works than putting in all that other information…. having a good day…xo….peter:)

  6. A friend, a coffee … when it comes together the world is a better place for that one moment. And it sure is a great portrait. Intense, straight, close & brilliant, my dear!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. Lovely portrait capturing the essence of a man. It suggests someone who is caring, honest, thoughtful and contemplative without emasculating the subject as often happens in such portraits. your friend looks like a man who could could swing an ax while discussing Pride and Prejudice

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