Power Lines

Not a good place to live under…

9 comments on “Power Lines”

  1. i dunno about studies, but i don't want to be the guinea pig.. ;D nice catch!

  2. The steel giants stand across the land. It's quite a view. Sci-fi is here!

  3. I love this composition Elaine… "Power to the people"… i'll bet that the farmer's cows give sour milk:D….peter:)

  4. excellent colors and sky

  5. excellent view. love the clouds and the skies

  6. … but a great place to take some of the greatest pictures. Love, love, love this pearl, my sweetheart!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. are you still there Elaine!!! or are you back at the RV lol….peter:)

  8. Powerful image!! Love how all of the lines merge together.

  9. Nice and bleak, I like it. Those are so large, I bet living underneath one will bestow super powers on the fortunate resident. Or cancer.

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