Stop, in the name of love.

8 comments on “Stop, in the name of love.”

  1. You always have a delicious touch with the processing. I like this.

  2. nice street scene – I like the colors

  3. Pretty in pink Elaine!!…. nice treatment….peter:)

  4. There's nothing like the feminine touch to add that something special to road construction projects.

  5. nice title for this candid shot.. i wonder why she chose not to tie her hair up when working..

  6. Slow love & fast cars. Ain't that what life's all about, sweetheart? All summed up in one signature frame of yours. And these colours of yours make me go crazy after all these years. Beautiful!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. She looks like she's following the instruction on the sign. I also like how the processing goes so well with the heavy machinery.

  8. gotta love the colors/hues for this scene

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