10 comments on “Disabled”

  1. Good composition Elaine!.. it gets your point across without being intrusive to the person in the wheel chair….peter:)

  2. i hope i don't get to a point where i have to depend on these, but maybe by then i guess they'd have invented levitating ones. 😀

  3. Subtle and respectful. Some people go through a lot in life. The dark processing is fitting.

  4. That makes a very nice composition.

  5. Where I live in our retirement complex, Elaine, we see LOTS of walkers but no wheelchairs. I guess it depends on where you are. But I sure am glad these exist. I've had to use a couple in my lifetime for a minute or two (after childbirth and surgeries).

  6. Lainey yes I love it 😀

  7. very nice textures here. also like the angle which gives the viewer a clue as to what lies above the subject. nicely done!

  8. very nice detail

  9. A strong image captured and processed with respect for those who have disabilities of various forms. I really like the subtle colours and forms of this photograph. At the same time it's a very simple picture – which make the impact so strong.

  10. Will you still care for me, when I old & not able to walk without your help anymore. Carry me, Elaine & I will carry you. Over hundred oceans of amazing frames.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.And by the way: Your new layout blows my mind. Great, sweetheart!

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