Elvira Sleeps

Happy Halloween everyone!

9 comments on “Elvira Sleeps”

  1. Happy Halloween to you, too. This year I noticed that I didn't need to buy a mask after all.

  2. You make me look surpisingly good when I sleep. What was I dreeming?

  3. happy halloween elaine! she looks so comfortable here drizzled in deep sleep 🙂

  4. I bet she only comes out after midnight?! 🙂

  5. you must make an exhibition with your sleeping portraits – I like them all

  6. No masks round here. Just sleeping beauty in one beautiful frame, Elaine! And that makes all the difference!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. halloween hangover? ;D nice capture..

  8. Ginnie:I agree!

  9. So mellow and relaxed and than that splash of green really gives the image quite a bit of zest.

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