Beautiful British Columbia

6 comments on “Beautiful British Columbia”

  1. This scene looks very industrial to me. The vintage look and processing all contribute the overcast and emotionally cloudy atmosphere.

  2. Yesterday was beautiful British Columbia day Elaine!… this one looks kind of gloomy and your print must be very old because it's all scratched up lol….peter:)

  3. Do I detect some sarcasm here, Elaine?? 🙂 Because we all know that most of Bristish Columbia really IS beautiful!!!

  4. definitely sarcasm.. unless you really enjoy gloomy weather then I guess this is the place for

  5. At least you make it look more than beautiful. You make it look great, my dear. Ans that makes all the difference!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. I like how the texture and scratches make this look like an old photograph you might have found at the flea market.

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