7 comments on “Scenery”

  1. i like your POV catching to long grass and trees close the road with the mountains in a distant mist like they had been pained into the scene Elaine!! … this is a good one girl… and you have such cute blue and green eyes….peter:)

  2. love the tones and the painting-like look.

  3. Understated but sublime, Elaine.

  4. Nice mountain and I dig the groovy old time vintage look going on here.

  5. As we#re rolling through these gentle hills, I even can feel the wind in the hair I don't have anymore. And it feels good!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. beautiful landscape, elaine. love the mountains.

  7. it's nice to take in the scenery in drives like this.. 🙂

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