and to see the lovely Lenore? thus quoth the raven… ‘Nevermore’

9 thoughts on “The Raven

  1. My eyes keep traveling from the silhouette of the raven to the white mass of clouds as if they were the real object of the photo. The idea is that possibly the raven is considering flying into a great exploration of what lies on the horizon rather than staying where he is. Every great adventure has that time to measure it all out, to assess the risks and the rewards, to test the depth of courage. This is a good "story" shot, Elaine.

  2. The raven has the only curved lines in this great shot… i like all the angles of the rest of the silhouettes Elaine!!… i am still trying to read your sky writing lol… xo ….peter:)

  3. "The wind howls like a hammer / The night blows cold and rainy / My love sheโ€™s like some raven / At my window with a broken wing" (Bob Dylan)Come to me before getting lost in all that power lines & gorgeous blue of yours & I will sing the blues for you, my dear. A fabulous frame, Elaine!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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