my dad used to work for CN… i can still remember him answering the phone when i called… ‘intermodal sales, kelly speaking’… some memories are timeless

10 comments on “Train”

  1. Very cool! Love the train!

  2. Unadulterated power on wheels. I miss hearing their thunderous engines, the blare of their horns at night, that oscillating headlight, and the sound of them as they make their way down a distant track. Thanks for the little trip down nostalgia lane. 🙂

  3. YAY for the memories, Elaine!

  4. I like the vignette and the color processing

  5. love the image. (you've changed your design since i visited you last night. i came, i saw, i didn't comment)

  6. Trains are good.

  7. it sure holds some memories for you, nice capture..

  8. Great capture Elaine… you caught all the moving parts like the wheels… my brother Bob was an engineer for the CN for 25 years:)… we grew up playing with the real trains across the road from where we were born!:)….peter:)

  9. I like how the locomotive is quite weathered after years of hard work.

  10. Adn some frames are timeless too, my dear. Like this powerful beauty of yours!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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