Needful Things

8 comments on “Needful Things”

  1. this one is a classic Elaine!!! it is a needful thing… i want one lol… drop by and i'll show you a picture of your favorite house… in the trees:) ….peter:)

  2. Un traitement fa├žon vintage, j'adore, c'est sublime !

  3. Needful things indeed. But no one frames them like you do. Classic cars in classy frames with gorgeous light of the one & only …. Elaine. Chapeau & more of these, baby!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. I think I need a classic convertible. Looking detached and/or intent and serious while driving is a plus, too. I can't tell, but did he have the fuzzy dice, too? Interesting capture.

  5. Nice, I love the color of the paint on that old convertible. And the guy driving it looks super grumpy!

  6. cool shot, elaine. love the candy apple red car.

  7. very nice … !

  8. nice catch.. i wanna own a vintage car when i get old too.. (or, if i get to a ripe old age..)

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