La Mountain

6 comments on “La Mountain”

  1. Is that in the Fraser Valley? Very cool processing.

  2. Rugged and wild! The density of the trees and the incline of these mountains are both amazing. Thanks for this postcard.

  3. beautifully framed. i like the PP.

  4. vintage! cool!

  5. "Well I’ve been driving on bald mountain / But I’ve done my time, you know I’ve done my time" (Odetta)And you should know That I would climb every mountain & cross every river just to be touched by this beauty of yours, my dear!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. from afar it doesn't look to big, but you realize how big it is just by the size of those trees on it's face.. 😀 must be quite a hike to go up there..

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