only God can make a tree

8 comments on “only God can make a tree”

  1. Are you serious, Elaine…not about God but about there being this tree there (not a clone-in)? It would make ME look twice. 🙂 Beautifully shown.

  2. yes, that's some kind of huge art piece, Ginnie, it's not cloned in at all lol

  3. When you cross an artist and an architect and introduce LSD, this is what you get. It looked good on paper, I guess. God does a much better job on trees, don't you think? Very trippy, Elaine.

  4. But what a great tree. Brings back some memories of Christmas nights with a paper tree. Sweet memories. good memories. And how you force us to look twice …you are an intellectual sweetheart with an amazing eye & a great sense of aaranging frames, Elaine! That is one damn fine piece of art!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. And HIS trees are all beautiful Elaine!!… humans can only try to make their own… i like this art !…. xo ….peter:)

  6. now that's cute.. and it's on a road, i hope no accidents happen when people gaze upon this one..

  7. excellent! i love this!

  8. I would crash into all the traffic in the roundabout instead of yielding because I would be all distracted looking at the tree. And possibly also wondering who put LSD in my Cheerios.

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