Our Town

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  1. I love the way that you captured the sun on the top of the mountain in the clouds Elaine !!… well done Girl…. xo….peter:)

  2. You have some great light going there. It is hitting the mountain beautifully and backs up the rest of the scene.

  3. Fantastic scenery! You are surrounded by beauty, you lucky thing.

  4. Great composition and very very beautiful tones !

  5. love that bit of light illuminating that mountain's peak.. nice catch.

  6. I love the transcendental light on top of the mountain. And also how the perfectly mundane road, truck, and phone poles then bring the viewer crashing back down into reality.

  7. That is an awesome landscape for the road to meet.

  8. "But you and I we've been through this / Maybe 100 times before / Always hitching rides with strangers / Papa warned us about before / But you know the summer always brought it / That wild and reckless breeze / And in the backseat, we're just trying to find some room for our knees / And in the backseat, we're just trying to find some room to breathe" (The Gaslight Anthem)Believe me I will foolow you around. Wherever you will go I'll be right behind.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  9. absolutely love the mist lying on the mountains

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