A Fantastic Fear of Everything

9 comments on “A Fantastic Fear of Everything”

  1. I don't fear washing machines Elaine !!… i just don't try to climb into them lol… i like the angle of this shot and the reflections from the chrome on the doors….peter:)

  2. I always disliked laundromats but they are a great place to shoot photos.

  3. After reading your title, I'll probably have dreams of being locked in a moving clothes dryer. Thank you very much. I like the DOF.

  4. LOL at the comments. Hmmmm. Now I'm trying to figure out what you fear is. 😀

  5. Damn great William Eggleston feel to this gem of yours. The only thing missing seems the bikini girls. BUt I don't really need them as long as I got you to guide me to your magical places, my dear!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. Very beautiful composition and tones ! Great POV !

  7. fear of laundromats?! 0.o

  8. Ahhhh , je serai un peu comme toi, ces engins là me font un peu peur.Sans doute car je les connais peu, je préfère ma petite machine à la maison !… :))

  9. I like how one door is open and all the others are closed. I don't fear laundromats, just the shady characters that tend to occupy them.

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