Down on the Farm


8 comments on “Down on the Farm”

  1. Love your new layout Elaine!!… this is a beautiful composition of the field and farmhouse below the curves of the mountains… your overlay of sheet paper accentuates the curves in the landscape… it’s a good one my friend… xoxoxox ….peter:)

  2. That is another winner, Elaine. Very cool shot.

  3. cool new web site layout ! and a nice pic too … love all that mist!

  4. Cool site!

  5. I like the nitty gritty look of the picture. Fits perfectly with the ambience.

  6. Awesome territory, Elaine. Nice shot. (from Firefox)

  7. Drowning in a wide open country & your great textures while the mist comes rolling in. But we got us & these cameras to keep us warm in those cold winter days, my dear!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  8. I love the mountains int the background and the wisp of a cloud placed on the bottom third.

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