6 comments on “depressing”

  1. Menu for the thrill of laundromat life. The lighting "halos" the sign. Thanks for the bit of Canadiana.

  2. i agree Elaine… these prices are depressing :(… who the hell uses Pinesol or Lysol in their laundry… they must roll around tar pits all day lol….peter:)

  3. I’ll have chips with a side order of Lysol.

  4. That is an odd menu.

  5. Degreaser $100? Or surely that must be $1.00. This looks like something from at least 45 years ago, Elaine…except maybe for the prices. Yes, that’s depressing.

  6. I love that old fashioned board. And I like how the processing and the lighting adds to the general feeling that nothing has changed in decades.

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