We don’t know yet…

7 comments on “We don’t know yet…”

  1. Nothing weird about it. Just take care of yourself. As for the rest of us, we will wait for you and will be keeping you in our thoughts.

  2. Exactly as Phil has said! Ditto. Please send me an e-mail if you can….

  3. hey! good luck and speedy recovery !

  4. Good luck with the surgery and I hope everything goes well. Looking forward to the return of your photoblog.

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day Elaine and i hope that all has gone well… i have been for so many tests this past few months that there are fewer parts of me to check out :-)… i missed you and you are in my prayers…. xo… hugs!!!….peter:)

  6. How are you doing Elaine… still thinking about you…Love ans prayers….peter:)

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