Where I sit

this is where i sit when i go for my morning walk, it’s the next street over in my park

4 comments on “Where I sit”

  1. Looking at the calm waters & the mountains is priceless, Elaine. The moments we spend with ourselves are precious. Blue skies & green grass & my dear Elaine back where she is needed most … a meditation I’ve been longing for a long, long time. My world is a reflection in your deep waters captured so masterly!

    All the best & safe travels, Fitsch.

  2. Your everyday scenery is amazing. You get to wake up to this each morning! There is a placid feeling in your photo. No wonder you love where you are.

  3. I would love to sit on this bench for at least a few hours a day Elaine… perhaps you might just show up to join me for a few minutes… beautiful reflections….peter:)

  4. Love the reflections of the sky.

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