Back to the City

going to stay in the city for a week and be driven insane with EMF exposure lol i’ll see you guys when i get back xoxoxox

8 comments on “Back to the City”

  1. Peter Meilleur says:

    the hydro lines frame the mountain perfectly Elaine!!!…(-: NOT 🙂 lol… but i like your treatment … the tiles in the sky add a whole new dimension and take our attention away from all the wires lol…. xo….peter:)

  2. the next time somebody doesn’t ‘get’ that i’m all ABOUT bad photography, that it’s my ‘art’…. and insults one of my photographs it’s a DELETE for you, and no soup either!!!

  3. You’ll be so wired by the time you get back! 😀

  4. And your art blows my mind, rocks my soul, ills my heart, sings a hundred tunes & makes me miss you before you left for the city. But I’ll wait for you under these great skies of yours while my eyes follow them lines & sings songs of longing & admiring, my dear!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. Good luck with the extended EMF exposure safari. 🙂 Um…I’m confused by your comment here, Elaine. If you are all about "bad" photography, and someone says a photo is bad–er, lacking–or whatever, is that an acknowledgement that you are accomplishing your goal or is it a potential ban because they said it was "bad photography?" Please clarify so I don’t get banned or deleted. By the way, what kind of soup is it?

  6. Walter Neiger says:

    Elaine, less is more … just beautiful!

  7. Peter Meilleur says:

    Hi Elaine… are we still friends:-)….peter:)

  8. It feels kind of nostalgic actually.

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